2017 will be the tenth Ceòl Cholasa and to celebrate we are adding a few events to show visitors a little bit more of the Island. There will be music every night but not perhaps to the frantic levels of the main festival (14th to 17th). If you want to learn a little more about Colonsay this is your chance.

There will be exhibitions, guided walks, and talks, special food events and the Brewery will have a super new top secret beer. There might be poetry, art and skinny dipping (non-compulsory) and not necessarily all at once. Book now, book early you know you want to.

6 Responses to Ceòl Cholasa 2017…11th to 17th September. A festival within a festival
  1. thank so much for your internet site it aids a gгeat deal.

  2. My wife and I attended the 2016 festival, and she described it in one word: Magical. We are looking forward to a return visit.

    • Hi again to Pedie and Keith for a fabulous Festival this past September. We are looking at another visit soon and appreciate keeping updated on the plans for next years. Sending our best regards … from the Great White North.

      Al McCalder, Alberta, Canada

  3. We are ready to sign up! We were at Ceol Cholasa about 6 or 7 years ago, met you at Celtic Colours last year. Nearly ready to commit to accommodation for the full week .

    Keep us up to date with details.

    Bill & Eileen Elliott
    Hancock, New Hampshire, US

    If Trump wins, we may be there sooner!

  4. I am desperate to go! wanted to visit Colonsay since I was 15 and im now 51. 2017 is the year I’m going! and the festival is all the excuse I need x


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