30 Mar 2015
March 30, 2015

Welcome to Ceòl Cholasa 2015

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17th to 20th September 2015 will see Colonsay celebrating it’s 8th Music Festival. Over the past 7 years, thanks to the hard work of the Islanders and the generosity of the artists Colonsay has consistently managed to attract Scotland’s finest musicians to the smallest (and we think best) festival in the land. It’s a tribute to Colonsay’s charm that busy musicians are willing to take a weekend out of their touring schedules to come and make music with us.

And they do: on stage, in the pub, at impromptu parties and who knows what goes on behind closed doors!

The charm of our festival is that we get the chance to mingle with the musicians and they get a chance to step back from their busy schedules and very definitely mix business and pleasure.

Why not join us?

This year’s headliners are the world famous Blazin’ Fiddles and Breabach. Details about them and the other performers can be found HERE

For a flavour of Ceòl Cholasa have a look at this short film by Rachel Hendry.

Ceòl Cholasa 5.

Tickets are available from Here or by contacting us directly.

Details of accommodation can be found on www.colonsay.org

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COLONSAY? WHERE’S THAT THEN? Colonsay is a small island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, located north of Islay and south of Mull. It is home to just over 100 hardy souls. We have one hotel, one shop and one café. But we also have a host of award winning beaches, unique flora and fauna, an 18.. read more →

24 Dec 2018
December 24, 2018

Ceòl Cholasa 2019: Flook

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FLOOK   Who are these guys? ‘Iconic’ is a word that is perhaps overused these days, but there can be no doubting the validity of it’s use when describing Flook. The influence this Anglo-Irish band has had is so huge that it’s nigh impossible to measure. Suffice to say there will have hardly been an act at Ceòl.. read more →

featuring THE MURRAY WILLIS EXPERIENCE   The legendary Stompin’ Late Night Cèol Ceilidh returns for a 12th outing in 2019 and will be just as stomping’, late and ceilidhy (if it isn’t a word, it is now) as ever. Perhaps more so, because for 2019 the band will be fronted by everyones’ favourite Lismorach (Lismorian?,.. read more →

19 Dec 2018
December 19, 2018

Ceòl Cholasa 2019: Ímar

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ÍMAR   Who are these guys? These guys are the hottest property on the trad scene right now. Individually, they are among the top musicians on their chosen instruments in the country. Collectively, they are dynamite. A force to be reckoned with. A phenomenon. We’ve been incredibly keen to entice them to our shores and are.. read more →

EILIDH SHAW AND ROSS MARTIN   Who are these guys? These guys are firm festival favourites both! And frankly neither need an introduction…. …oh, okay then. Eilidh Shaw is best known as a member of The Poozies (for 18 years now!) and Ross as guitarist with Galeic supergroup Dàimh. But of course that’s only some.. read more →

15 Dec 2018
December 15, 2018

A Wee Look At Our Sponsors

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We thought it was about time we did a piece on the people and organisations without whom Ceòl Cholasa would not exist, namely our beloved sponsors. So, let’s do just that. Starting with….   ARCHIE’S BIKES Since the very first festival, way back in 2008, Archie MacConnel has provided us with bikes which we give.. read more →

14 Dec 2018
December 14, 2018

Ceòl Cholasa 2019: The Teuchtars Do…

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THE TEUCHTARS DO….   Last year we revived an old Ceòl Cholasa favourite, namely ‘The Teuchtars Do….’ session in the hotel. This concert is like no other. Featuring a wealth of local performers and festival goers, absolute beginners to battle weary troubadours. A concert where the audience could themselves get up and for a few short.. read more →

ADAM HOLMES AND THE EMBERS   Who are these guys? Adam is a 27 year old Edinburgh-born singer/songwriter and one of the brightest rising stars on the UK roots music scene. He has actually been to Ceòl Cholasa before. Back in 2014 Adam came as part of Rura and left his mark on us all. Indeed, he had such an.. read more →

12 Dec 2018
December 12, 2018

Calling All Regulars!

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Hello Everyone! How are you all doing? We have a special request for all our deeply beloved regular festival goers… The advent announcements have surprisingly prompted a number of ticket reservations. We are by no means sold out, but we are advanced of where we were this time last year. With that it mind we.. read more →