Reporting from the catwalks of Scalasaig, we look at the 2018 line from Ceòl Cholasa Originals and we reckon it’s sure to be a hit with fashionistas everywhere:


Pistachio Green and Indigo Blue are this season’s ‘in’ colours. How do we know? Because Ceòl Cholasa Originals say so, that’s why! Each year, whatever this hot house of fashion exhibits becomes the shade to be seen in, from New York to London and Uragaig to Garvard.

And from what we’ve seen at the preview show, this year is no exception. The pistachio green graces a new line of t-shirts, the companies core range. Indeed it is with Tees the company was founded 10 long years ago when they proved that black was the new white (and indeed white was the new black!). Times have changed though, and if you want to turn heads this Autumn is has to be Pistachio.

At this exclusive preview, CCO took the opportunity to unveil a brand new line! Yes, and you heard this here first, hoodies are back! Especially indigo blue hoodies. There is not a better way to keep the autumn chill at bay than with these new show stoppers. Featuring classic lines and an in vogue cut, these are sure to be a hit with trendies and teuchtars alike.

Both of these garments feature a new logo, highlighting the brand’s origins and reinforcing it’s motto. We simply love it!

And to complete the look, the world famous hand knitted hats are back! These sold out in no time last season and we expect more of the same this year. Incredibly exclusive, these one size fits all beauties are the perfect accent to this winning range.

At time of going to press, Ceòl Cholasa Originals had yet to officially announce prices. However, we caught up with head of marketing, Shomi de Moni, who said to expect tees to go for £12, hoodies for £23 and hats for a tenner. Stylish and affordable? That’s our kind of fashion!

Phillip Paige,

Heb Couture Monthly