Hello Everyone! How are you all doing? We have a special request for all our deeply beloved regular festival goers…

The advent announcements have surprisingly prompted a number of ticket reservations. We are by no means sold out, but we are advanced of where we were this time last year. With that it mind we think it prudent to make sure our core fans don’t miss out. So our request is simply that you get in touch to reserve your tickets for 2019.

You may have asked to book tickets with Keir or one of ‘The Team’ at then end of Ceòl 2018, but given the mix of euphoria, relief and alcohol poisoning we were all feeling at the time, it’s best that you put your request in writing.  So if you intimated at this year’s festival that you would like tickets reserved, or if you didn’t but wish you had, then we ask that you please email Keir direct to confirm.

I’ve you’ve already been in touch with Keir via email then relax – your tickets are safe and you can look forward to another year of festival revelry.

As for payment, there is no need to part with the hard earned cash yet. When that time comes we’ll send an e-mail to all of our reservists, most likely in the Spring of 2019.

In the meantime keep up to date with us on twitter, facebook and instagram, and if you haven’t already done so check out which bands have already been announced for next year.