Who are these guys?

Fara brings together four musicians at the forefront of today’s Scottish folk scene, Jennifer Austin, Kristan Harvey, Jeana Leslie and Catriona Price’s three fiddles and a piano, to produce a fiery sound rooted strongly in their upbringing among the music of Orkney.

Each member is well established in the Scottish music scene, winning prizes which include the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, The BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year, The Deutsche Bank Award in Performance and Composition, and the Danny Kyle Award.

Why bring them to Ceòl?

Well as one team member put it, for “some goddamn North Sea fiddle goodness!”. FARA are vibrant, energetic and exciting. They are bound to blow the roof off with their 3 fiddle attack and driving piano. And we haven’t even mentioned the vocals yet! Along with the traditional Orcadian and original tunes, FARA provide stunning songs. Don’t believe us? Check out their version of Games People Play. That’s going to sound fantastic in oor wee hall! As will this.

When can I see them?

Calm down, it’s still 2017 so the schedule for Ceòl 2018 is rather fluid but FARA will likely be performing not once, but twice over the course of the weekend. Lucky you!

How do I get to see them?

By purchasing a ticket of course!  Festival passes for Ceòl Cholasa 2018 are £80 and can be bought online (just follow the link). The pass gains you entry to all the concerts in the hall, the stomping late night Ceòl Ceilidh and the workshops. It might also get you preferential treatment at another venue…. but more of that later.

Remember, Ceòl Cholasa is a limited, bijou event. It’s best to purchase your ticket as soon as possible as then you can rest assured that you will be one of a maximum of only 250 people attending the best wee music festival in the west!