Who are these guys?

WHɎTE are an emerging duo, comprising Gaelic singer-songwriter Alasdair Whyte and electronic composer Ross Whyte (see what they’ve done there?). They perform new arrangements of rarely-heard traditional Gaelic songs, original instrumental pieces and original Gaelic songs. They have won awards for their song writing and their debut album Fairich has received critical acclaim.

Why bring them to Ceòl?

Well 2 reasons really, the first of which is Gaelic. Ceòl Cholasa is a Gaelic festival. We have a Gaelic name, a Gaelic slogan and have always had Gaelic acts at each and every running. What we maybe haven’t had enough of is male Gaelic singers and original Gaelic song. We certainly haven’t had ambient electronic arrangements of Gaelic song and we thought it’s about time we did.

Secondly, this will be no ordinary concert. The boys will be performing Fairich: Live – an audio-visual experience featuring a performance of the album in its entirety with accompanying visuals. Fairich: Live is an immersive, cinematic experience.  The show features projected visuals of key motifs, landscapes and seascapes relating to the Gaelic lyrics. And that’s certainly something we’ve not had before!

When are they on?

Well it’s still very much 2017 so the schedule for Ceòl 2018 is far from set in stone but Fairich: Live will be a one time thing and is not to be missed. The band will be here for the whole weekend, but a performance on Saturday evening seems likely at this stage.

How do I get to see them?

By purchasing a ticket of course!  Festival passes for Ceòl Cholasa 2018 are £80 and can be bought online (just follow the link). The pass gains you entry to all the concerts in the hall, the stomping late night Ceòl Ceilidh and the workshops. It might also get you preferential treatment at another venue…. but more of that later.

Remember, Ceòl Cholasa is a limited, bijou event. It’s best to purchase your ticket as soon as possible as then you can rest assured that you will be one of a maximum of only 250 people attending the best wee music festival in the west!