Well, in truth, that headline should perhaps read “FINAL ADDITION”. Yes, despite the stellar line-up already announced, we have been able to squeeze in yet another gig.

And who, I hear you ask, might this addition be? Well, it is none other than that star of the firmament MAIREARAD GREEN! She and Mike Vass (who is already appearing at Ceòl Cholasa with Kathleen MacInnes) have been recording an album together and are set to launch it this Autumn. So what better place to air this new music than Ceòl Cholasa!

The timing of this new concert will be announced once Pedie has finished tearing his hair out (eh?) and rejigged the running order for the 23rd time.

We are particularly pleased that Mairearad will be here, as we will now have representatives from all 4 of the bands who took that huge risk and came to Colonsay in 2008 when Ceòl Cholasa was merely in the imaginings of “the two eejits”.