“I have never heard an audience like these guys in my life! Every single tune or song was met with whoops and cheers and thunderous applause and they all were a great laugh. The atmosphere in that hall was fantastic and we had a great gig. The sound guys, Keir and Pete were also brilliant and had a lot to deal with. Long hours and lots of change overs.

We even got a wee food parcel left out for us and some Colonsay Ale! These organisers had thought of everything. Here’s the house we stayed in.

Ceilidh time next and predictably Andrew and I ended up on stage busking along. That was great too. Donald MacAllister was the accordion player and a great job he did too.

A huge thank you to Keith and Pedie who saw their plans come to fruition and more. It was simply a fantastic festival. Organised really well with such an enthusiastic audience and lovely people everywhere. An ideal place to go to see exactly what island life is like. I felt like I knew the whole population by the time I left.”

Fiona Cuthill (Rallion)