Iain & Ingrid

Who are they?

Iain and Ingrid are one of our absolute favourites here at Ceòl HQ. The Beyoncè and Jay-Z of he trad world (you can decide which one is which…) are no strangers to Colonsay having been here multiple times before. These two multi-instrumentalists combine to create one of the most entertaining shows on offer. If they don’t have you crying through their moving melodies, they will have you crying with their hilarious stories. 

Why bring them to Colonsay?

Well… the answer is quite simple. They are amazing! Why would you not want two of Scotlands finest musicians performing at Scotlands finest music festival. They bring a bit of everything to the event as well as helping create a fantastic atmosphere at the festival club during our late night sessions. Here at Ceòl HQ, we now what this pair will ad to the festival and we cannot wait for all you lovely people to enjoy them with us!

When can I see them?

Iain and Ingrid will be performing on either the Friday or Saturday night. Unfortunately they will only be giving us one performance so you will absolutely not want miss it!

How do I get to see them?

By purchasing a ticket of course!  Festival passes for Ceòl Cholasa 2022 are £100. Click on the tickets page to see all the options. The full weekend pass gains you entry to all the concerts in the hall, the stomping late night Ceòl Ceilidh and the workshops. It also entitles you to a seat at hotel gigs (though this is strictly first come, first served).

Remember, Ceòl Cholasa is a limited, bijou event. It’s best to purchase your ticket as soon as possible as then you can rest assured that you will be one of a maximum of only 250 people attending the best wee music festival in the west!