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We know it’s only just over a week to go now, but keep the heid! Reports are coming in hourly of music fans running naked through the streets, doing impromptu congas round lampposts, getting drunk as a warm up to the real thing, and even going to St Mirren matches. It has to stop! Just calm doon!

We know it’s hard, even here in the bowels of the Ceòl Cholasa machine, us seasoned veterans can barely contain our excitement and have to visit the loo every 5 minutes. But we are so far keeping troosers dry (touch wood) and keeping the heid.

And this talk of keeping the heid (quite fortuitously…) allows us to talk of keeping the heid warm with the latest innovative Ceòl Cholasa merchandise. Just look at these :

Keep the head warm!

Keep the head warm!

Carefully crafted over long Winter months by an island artisan whose skills are legendary, these unique toories will keep the heid warm in the most inclement of climes. Or indeed climbs, if you happen to be a Munro bagger. But above all they are undoubtedly collectors items, a fact that will be reflected in their price. Heated arguments in the top echelons of Ceòl Cholasa management have exploded over this very topic, but surely common sense will prevail and a price tag of under £1000 will be set. Watch this space! (Also watch out for facial bruises on the phizogs of the organisers).

See you all soon!

Pedie and Keith.