Who is Kris Drever?

You all know Kris. He’s a member of the genre bending LAU, a multi award winning solo artist, an in demand session musician, a friend of the festival and all round good egg. We are very much indebted to Mr Drever as he has cooly and calmly assembled a band in response to our frantic call for a last minute Tim Edey replacement. And he’s played an absolute blinder, convincing some top, top names to drop whatever they were doing, head up the road to Oban and catch a ferry into the unknown…

So just who are these brave souls?

You know what? We’re not going to tell you. Why ruin the surprise?…

Okay, just a wee hint then. Joining Kris will be an outstanding guitar player (who has graced our stage before), a jazz pianist of some renown, 2 of this countries finest young singers and a rockin’ double bass player.

We will say no more…

So why bring Kris and his pals to Colonsay?

Well, as previously explained, we had to think fast to come up with a late replacement for the nigh irreplaceable Tim Edey. A very tough task indeed. Who could possibly fill those boots? We had a wee think. And then another one. And then perhaps one more. But suddenly it dawned on us – we have the ideal candidate on the bill already!

Yes, Kris will be here playing a couple of shows with the sensational LAU. But that is merely one string on his seriously impressive bow. As a solo singer/songwriter Kris has been going from strength to strength. His first solo album, ‘Black Water’, is a peach and is much loved in trad circles. He followed it up with the gorgeous ‘Mark The Hard Earth’, adding a few more songs of his own creation. Next came 2016’s entirely self penned ‘If Wishes Were Horses’. Kris was really hitting his stride with this one and bagged a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for the title track, though frankly any cut from the album could have claimed the prestigious accolade. Last year, out of the darkness of the pandemic, came the twinkling ‘Where The World Is Thin’. Moving the game on even further, this release finds our Mr Drever hitting the sweet spot between Scottish folk and Indie pop. Well worth seeking out if you haven’t yet heard it.

So, you see, quite a lot to love. And something very different from LAU. It was a no brainer really. One phone call and the deal was done. Replace the irreplaceable? Nae bother!

When can I see them?

This is truly a one-off gig. It promises to be something really quite special. So scribble 10.30pm, Friday 17th September into your diary and make sure you’re part of it. We’ll see you there!