Mec Lir

Who are they?

Mec Lir are a Isle of man/Glasgow based quartet consisting of Tomas Callister, Adam Rhodes, David Kilgallon and Greg Barry. They debut release (Not An EP) launched in 2014 and they quickly found themselves as one of the most popular bands in the scene. Their album, Livewire, was released on 2020 and  it continued the trend of powerful yet intricate tunes supported by a glorious amalgamation of sound. Mec Lir’s fast paced tunes and full sound will have your toes tapping from start to finish.If you strip back the synths, drums and bass, you will find at the core of these complex (and often verging-on outrageous!) arrangements a set of trad tunes that would be accepted by even the most traditional of session players. 

Why bring them to Colonsay?

To take the roof off the place!!! We have no doubt that Mec Lir will have grinning from ear to ear from start to finish. Their high tempo sets will have our hand clapping and our feet stomping and quite frankly, we can’t blooming wait!!!

***We take no responsibility for foot-stomping related injury that may occur during the performance.***

When can I see them?

Mec Lir will be performing twice over the weekend on either the Friday or Saturday and then again on the Sunday afternoon. 

How do I get to see them?

By purchasing a ticket of course!  Festival passes for Ceòl Cholasa 2022 are £100. Click on the tickets page to see all the options. The full weekend pass gains you entry to all the concerts in the hall, the stomping late night Ceòl Ceilidh and the workshops. It also entitles you to a seat at hotel gigs (though this is strictly first come, first served).

Remember, Ceòl Cholasa is a limited, bijou event. It’s best to purchase your ticket as soon as possible as then you can rest assured that you will be one of a maximum of only 250 people attending the best wee music festival in the west!