Last year we tried something a little different and set up a new venue in the hotel bar. The plan was to establish a bona fide second venue, replete with sofas, rugs and lamps to create a cosy living room vibe. We asked two fantastic musicians to help launch this new venture, namely Hamish Napier and Innes Watson.

The guys put on a great set, immediately getting a sense of the room as they passed sweeties from the stage around the punters and charmed us with witty stories and audience interaction between tunes. For those in the main room, sat on comfy sofas, right up close to the performers and full of confectionary, it was a great success. A really intimate gig that was a highlight of the whole weekend for many there.

Out in the bar, the music was piped through to those grabbing a bite to eat and catching up with friends. These folk spoke of how nice it was to have a relaxed blether and wee drink while listening to some seriously excellent music.

There was however a problem. For those standing in the Log Room, just outside the main space, the sound didn’t travel and they had great difficulty in hearing the music. This is not something we had envisaged and certainly not the way we want to go about running a music festival.

So we had a choice to make…. Move afternoon gigs back to the hall or find a way to make it work in the hotel. In the end we chose the later option. It was just too good in the main room, too relaxing in the bar and a refreshing change of scene. So we’re going to tweak things this year to make it work for everyone.

That means more seating in the main room, proper sound reinforcement in the Log Room, and an additional speaker in the bar. However, and wherever, you wish to enjoy these gigs, you’ll be able to hear them in full high fidelity.

The question is then, who will be performing in the bar this year? Well, we’re going to leave you hanging there. We’ve got a fantastic duo lined up, festival favourites both. But their exact identities will remain a secret for a few more days yet….

One thing is for sure though – it’s going to be a belter!