We weren’t sure if we would be able to bring you this much loved Ceòl Cholasa staple this year, so we’re quite late in announcing it. However, the path is now clear and we can confirm that the Teuchtars will be back! If you’ve been under a rock (or hiding from any nasty global pandemics) then you might not know what we’re talking about…

This is a concert like no other. It always features a wealth of local performers, festival goers and the odd pro, absolute beginners to battle weary troubadours. A concert where the audience can themselves get up and for a few short minutes feel what it’s like to rock out to a packed crowd. It’s a concert with one strict rule and yet no real rules at all. A concert that dances along the tightrope between idiocy and genius. A concert known simply as ‘The Teuchtars Do…’.

Eh, I’m still not getting it….

Okay, okay. It’s basically an open mic covers gig. But that’s not doing it justice. ‘The Teuchtars Do…’ is the very essence of the festival, distilled into a one (or two) hour long, ramshackle, seat of the pants performance where anything can happen. We’re talking 6 year olds singing Bob Dylan, old timers delivering flawless contemporary pop covers and professional trad musicians belting out Avril Lavigne tracks.

How do we elicit such a strange choice of material from the participants? By setting a theme of course. We’ve had One Hit Wonders, Dylan, Pop and World Music to name a few. Last time out, in the halcyon days of 2019, we grew out our hair, strapped on some shoulder pads, dusted off some power chords and left the audience weeping uncontrollably on the floor as Teuchtars did… Power Ballads! And a great success it was too. Most of the weeping was from laughter, as performers donned the whole get-up and gave it their all. And we’re after more of the same this year…

This time however you’ll need to shape that hair into pig tails, dig around for that old red catsuit (it’s in there somewhere!) and, if you just can’t find it, go for the gold hotpants. For this year the Teuchtars are turning their attention to… POP PRINCESSES!

It’s a tricky one to pin down to be fair. It’s caused quite a debate among ‘the committee’. For some there is very much a golden era. We’re talking Britney, Christina and Kylie. For others you can almost certainly add Miley, Demi and Ariana  to the mix. Some (ahem… older) members of the team suggested Paula, Kim and Belinda. Each to their own I guess. And of course there’s always Madge herself.

Basically we’re after songs from the creme da la creme of female pop stars. No one hit wonders or obscure tracks here please. Only the biggest and the best. The Teuchtars demand it….

How do I get to see this mad concert?

This concert will take place in our bar venue at lunchtime on Saturday. As such it will be free, but all the comfy seats will be reserved for those with the full weekend pass wristband.

If you don’t get a seat then fear not, the performance will be piped into other areas of the bar at a level which means you can enjoy the music at the same time as indulging in a spot of lunch and a catch up with old friends. You’ll just have to imagine the hotpants….