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Welcome to the place to keep up with all the latest goings on with your favourite wee festival. Here you’ll find up to the minute information regarding artists, tickets, accommodation etc., as well as the occasional raving and/or ranting that your festival organisers need to get off their respective chests. Feel free to comment on any post and let us know what you think!!

COLONSAY? WHERE’S THAT THEN? Colonsay is a small island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, located north of Islay and south of Mull. It is home to just over 100 hardy souls. We have one hotel, one shop and one café. But we also have a host of award winning beaches, unique flora and fauna, an 18.. read more →

Well, here it is, Merry Christmas! When we started this countdown it was mid October and we looked quite mad. Now it’s December and we’re still going to come across as rather unhinged. And why might that be? Well, just check out the video below! It’s a special message from The Ghost of Festivals Past… read more →

TIDE LINES Who are these guys? Well we reckon most of you will know Tide Lines. After all, they were the first band to sell out at the forthcoming Celtic Connections. They sold out the Ironworks in Inverness very quickly indeed and their Stornaway gig sold out in 6 minutes. 6 minutes! If you really are one.. read more →

featuring THE CAITLIN MCNEILL CEILIDH BAND Cèilidhean that start in the early evening are so passé – everyone knows that the best time for a wee dance is in the wee sma’ hours – that’s why our ceilidh spectacular doesn’t get started until 11pm at the earliest. Dr Jarlath Henderson will already have the assembled masses.. read more →

THE TEUCHTARS DO….   In the halcyon days of early Ceòl Cholasa there was to be found a concert like no other. A concert featuring a wealth of local performers, absolute beginners to battle weary troubadours. A concert where the audience could themselves become the star. A concert with strict rules and yet no rules at all… read more →

HAMISH NAPIER & INNES WATSON Who are these guys? Kudos to all our super keen Christmas Countdown followers who recognise Innes and Hamish from Jarlath’s band. Yes, they will be gracing the stage at the hall alongside Mr Henderson, but first they have something very important to do….. Hamish Napier is a flautist, singer and keyboard.. read more →

THE JARLATH HENDERSON BAND Who are these guys? Well, let’s start with Jarlath will we? It’s his name up in lights after all… Jarlath hails from County Tyrone and quickly became a fixture in the Scottish traditional music scene when he came over to Aberdeen to study medicine (yes, he’s not only incredibly musically gifted, he’s also a doctor –.. read more →

08 Nov 2017
November 8, 2017

Ceòl Christmas Countdown Week 5: Beira

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BEIRA Who are these guys? Local girl, Caitlin McNeill, is no stranger to the Ceòl Cholasa stage having played at the festival with various groups and in her own right as a solo singer. This time she brings home her new band, Beira. Caitlin (guitar/vocals) is joined by Alana MacInnes from South Uist (pipes/whistles), Shona.. read more →

03 Nov 2017
November 3, 2017

Calling All Regulars!


Hello Everyone! How are you all doing? We have a special request for all our deeply beloved regular festival goers… Tickets are selling faster this year than they have for a number of years and we don’t want our core fans missing out, so our request is simply that you get in touch to reserve.. read more →